Modular Software

About aQute

Software has been my life since my first programmable calculator in 1976 blew away my mind. In the eighties this happened again when I discovered Smalltalk after which I became a (professional) evangelist for OO. While working for Ericsson Research in the nineties I was part of founding the OSGi Alliance. The microservices in OSGi avant la lettre, blew my mind away again. This model of modularity was the next step.

I am proud to have played a key role in the development of OSGi as the specifications editor and in other roles. As the lead developer of bnd, a key open source component of the OSGi tooling, several Apache Felix projects, and OSGi enRoute I’ve contributed to make OSGi easier to use. This all made me one of the five OSGi Fellows.

However, I also worked with small and large companies to integrate the technology into their products and tools providing different services. As business developer, architect, teacher, mentor, consultant, sparring partner, or developer I could help the organization to make effective use of the technology as quickly as possible. Working with these companies taught me a lot about the wide spectrum of technologies but also about the human aspects of software development.

aQute is a small company by choice because we can tap into a large international network of developers. This allows us to stay agile but still offer a large number of services in your local language, which makes learning new technologies a lot easier.

Therefore, if you want to build for the future, then I am sure we can make the difference!

Peter Kriens