Building a new system is a treacherous enterprise with sirens and rocks on the way, as all developers can testify. Over time development teams learn their domain and the development becomes more predictable. The IoT revolution is special because it is an overlap of large enterprise like systems combined with gateways and small embedded devices. Since OSGi software can seamlessly move between most of these environments, due to its service model, it is ideal for IoT.

Since IoT overlaps multiple domains is very likely that existing development teams have to leave their comfort zone and learn new technologies. For enterprise developers it is hard to get used to a severely constrained environment. For embedded developers Java is often new and the threats of open connectivity require very careful designs.

aQute can provide assistance in many different ways when your company wants to create a new product, or modify an existing product, for the IoT world. This ranges from a management’s sounding board for different business cases (and models), architectural design, mentoring the new technologies, turn key developments, or handling the logistics to get together the right world wide experts in one (tele) conference room. Our primary goal is to help you learn the technology so we can move on to the next customer’s task.

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aQute is a flexible agile company that can move fast because it has a large world wide network of companies and consultants that are used to work together in different projects. Since we can obtain the right expertise quickly we can provide the following services: