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Masterclass on OSGi - Stockholm Region

30 August - 2 September 2011 Stockholm, Sweden

Learn OSGi from Neil Bartlett and Peter Kriens

I liked the way that Peter & Neil made a real effort in giving thoughtful replies to every question. - Özgun Oskay ALAN (University Twente)
Key insights by example from top experts tailored to your needs! - Daniel Dögl (System One)
The best opportunity to get qualified answers to your specific OSGi questions. - Marian Grigoras (Siemens)

This is your unique opportunity to learn OSGi from two of the top OSGi experts in the world during a 4 day masterclass. Neil Bartlett is the author of bndtools and wrote numerous articles about OSGi. He has trained more people than he cares to remember. Peter Kriens is an OSGi Fellow has been one of the key technical drivers behind the OSGi specification since day one.

A masterclass provides an opportunity for experienced OSGi developers to take that extra step. A masterclass goes beyond the Hello World examples and will discuss go deep into how to design OSGi applications as well as discuss how to move existing applications onto OSGi. The unique combination of Neil Bartlett and Peter Kriens as teachers will provide deep insight in the practical day to day problems as well as providing the rationale why certain things are done the way they're done. If you had questions about OSGi, bnd, bndtools, or service oriented design, then this is the forum to come to.

The format of the masterclass is use case driven. A use case will be discussed in the group and a solution is sought. A prototype for this solution is then implemented within the group. The masterclass will at least address the following subjects:

  • Core OSGi service design
  • GUIs with OSGi (Eclipse, Vaadin, Swing)
  • Distributed/Clouds with OSGi
  • Persistence with OSGi
  • How to move existing applications to OSGi
  • ...

However, in practice it will be the attendees that decide what to work on this. A masterclass requires active participation.

We are targeting this masterclass at developers and architects that are skilled in Java and have sufficient experience with OSGi to write simple bundles.

All participants will receive a certificate declaring their attendance signed by an OSGi Fellow.

The size of the masterclass is limited to 20 participants (minimum number of participants is 8).

The venue is a lovely hotel Djurönäset, right in middle of the archipelago of Stockholm. During a masterclass, lots of (fun) work is done during the evenings and breakfasts so it is strongly advised to stay in the hotel during the evenings.

The price of the masterclass is € 1900. Lunch and morning and afternoon breaks during the course days are included in the price. The cost for the room and additional hotel costs must be paid directly to the hotel. The cost per night for the hotel room is 1290 SEK per night (including breakfast) Reservations are to be made directly with the hotel.

The Masterclass will take place in Djurhamn, Stockholm, Sweden from 30 August - 2 September.

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