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OSGi under siege in the JCP

Wow, there is a lot happening in the JCP that influence the acceptance of the OSGi specifications in the JCP. Of course there is JSR 277 Modularization that has a very large overlap with OSGi R4. This JSR was discussed earlier in this blog. However, there is more. Yesterday in Budapest I got a question about the overlaps in the JCP and started to realize how opaque this is for outsiders. So I made a picture that depicts what is happening.

First there was JSR 232 Mobile Operational Management. This illustrious title was basically covering the OSGi Service Platform together with a set of basic services to manage this platform and its applications. A strong link to OMA DM was included.

The spec leads were Nokia and Motorola, however, the intention was to do requirements in the JSR and perform the design work inside the OSGi Mobile Expert Group. This is what I have been working on for the last year and a half.

In the mean time, Siemens filed JSR 246 Device Management API. This JSR has the same requirements as the OMA DM work done in JSR 232/OSGi. The difference is that JSR 232 (obviously) assumes the OSGi Framework and CDC while the JSR 246 is based on CLDC. It is however not clear how these APIs will synchronized or if they will compete at all. Why not have a different Device Management Tree API in CDC and CLDC?

If they compete, that competition will take place in JSR 249 Mobile Service Architecture for CDC. This JSR 249 must select a number of APIs that should become part of future generations of Mobile phones. JSRs that want to succeed in life, will have to pass the beauty contest that this JSR is. And obviously that is not trivial.

Still, the picture for JSR 249 seemed reasonably clear until Motorola decided to launch JSR 271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3.0. This JSR decided to overlap significantly with the goals of JSR 232/OSGi, which is rather remarkable when it is realized that they are the co-chair of JSR 232. MIDP 3.0 is intended to add support for shared libraries and some of the other features OSGi Service Platforms have been providing for years. And I always thought that the JCP Executive Committee was supposed to ensure no JSRs overlap in functionality? Confused? You will be. Watch this space.

   Peter Kriens

posted by Peter @ Friday, June 24, 2005

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